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Dream Log Homes and Log Cabin Kits

Log Cabins are built to provide a rustic-looking dwelling and are usually set up in resorts, camp sites and holiday locations where one can relax and enjoy the beauties of nature. Log cabins are also being set up in the backyard garden to provide extra space needed for the home.

Log cabin kits are available in several handcrafted designs and styles to suit your special preferences and choice. These handcrafted prefab cabin kits are custom designed and available in do-it-yourself kits. If you are interested in building a log cabin you can search the net for floor plans and even buy cheap and discounted log home kits. One thing to be considered is the furniture and bedding to decorate your log cabin must always match with the interior and exterior of your log home.

Log Cabin Kits – Modular, Mountain, Hunting

Customized Modular Log Cabin Modular Log Cabins or homes are constructed off site in climate controlled environment where they are not exposed to the elements using a highly engineered method to construct modular units which are then assemble to the desired site.
Rustic Mountain Log Cabin Mountain Log Cabin is the best for individuals who are planning a romantic weekend or week long vacation. These cabins can either be owned or rented according to the budget and taste.
Hunting Lodge and Cabins Hunting Log Cabins are for the hunters who take pride in building their own hunting cabins. In Conestoga Log Cabins are the best as they are custom designed kits and are easy to build.
Cedar Log Cabin Siding Log sidings provide a rustic appearance to the log cabin and are very cheap. Cedar, Pine and Vinyl log sidings are very popular and its tongue and groove edges design makes them easy to install.
Vintage Log Cabin Quilts Log Cabin Quilts design is one of the oldest and most popular designs which can be seen in many homes and exhibits. Quilts are tightly connected vertically and horizontally to each other and remind us of early American way of life.
Custom Metal Roof Metal roofing though seems to be a bit expensive but is the best option when compared to the typical asphalt or cedar roofs which need a replacement every 15 years unlike metal or steel building roofs which lasts for over 60 years.
Log Cabin Chinking Painting and treatment of log cabins with preservatives such as Cuprinol is essential for its long life and later it can be stained or oiled as per your preferences. Moreover, if you pay attention toward the maintenance of log cabins it will serve for ages and you won’t have to spend more on log cabin restoration.
Log Cutting Axe Log cabins are easy to build and can be set up using some of the basic log cabin tools like axe, and the advanced dual blade tenon cutters. If you are having difficulty in erecting a log cabin you can hire the services of a local carpenter as well.

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