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Sturdy, Stylish Rustic Looking Log Cabin Beds

Rustic log beds create the authentic look for your log cabin home. A sizable and spacious bed made of logs is perhaps the most important accessory to a cabin home. You can look for a unique, one-of-a-kind log bed or maybe something a bit more refined depending on your taste. Since this one singular piece of furniture will dominate the bedroom let it stand out on its own.

You may go for a hand-crafted, sturdy and durable log bed constructed of hickory, birch, white cedar, red cedar or pine. Any one of these is a perfect statement for a striking bed. You may either go for low post log beds, canopy log beds, log bunk beds, log daybeds, log futons or even log headboards. There are numerous designs that you may check out.

For a classic look the low post log bed looks gracious and comfortable. Cabin bed furnishings will also reflect on the picture that you will create. While canopy beds are certainly romantic you may have practical log bunk beds to save on space. Consider changing an old headboard for a new one to instantly change the look of a bedroom area in your log cabin.

You can also save space by putting in a log daybed or log futon that remains a couch by day and turns into a bed at night. Look for unique and beautifully finished log cabin beds that you'll find to add to the décor of your log cabin. A bed may often be a style statement you can make for your rustic setting by adding a beautiful cedar log bed to your home. Importantly besides being finely crafted they would also be sturdy furniture to have around.
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