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Log Wooden Cabin Chairs for Rustic Decor

Traditional log cabin living rooms include a sofa constructed of halved, rough-hewn logs with deep overstuffed cushions accompanied by a birch twig rocker and few rough hewn chairs. For the most part very simple construction of chairs is the singular striking point of log cabin chairs.

The rustic décor of log cabin interiors makes use of rough logs for both home construction and for furniture as well. Styles and design have mostly remained unchanged to maintain traditional looks. Aspen logs, birch logs, and cedar logs are transformed into rugged pieces of chairs with the tree limb acting as a table.

Often this may be set as the post or desk with a planed piece as the surface. Log cabin furniture stays true to its use and expertly crafted log items for sitting includes sofas and rocking chairs made from soft pine, sleek maple or even birch or aspen tree limbs. These are practical pieces of furniture that may or may not be stylishly crafted.

Wicker and rattan chairs are gaining popularity as log cabin furniture. With Mandalay Wicker, Waikiki Rattan, Rockport Wicker, Windsor Wicker offering authentic designs with quality and comfort in mind. But really its Cedar wood chairs that give log cabins that distinctive look. Accessory items include stools and chairs made in various styles and sizes.

The Adirondack chair or Muskoka chair, a particular style of chair is perhaps the most favored chair for rural, outdoor settings. Adirondack chairs are quite popular in outdoor settings because the flat armrests are suitable for setting food and beverages making it possible to provide individual seating without tables.
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