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Cabin Lamps for Warmth and Cheer

Log cabin lighting is an important way to accessorize log homes. With an extensive selection of cabin lamps available there are great options for lending light and warmth in your cabin. Add rustic chandeliers, antler lighting and bear lamps for an authentic look. Match lighting with the furnishing to create a completely transformed look, when the lights go on.

From the kitchen to the bedroom the lamps can set the tone for your cabin. Go for the laced parchment shades on brass plates to get that friendly, cozy feel that spreads into a room. The traditional authenticity and timeless warmth of amber lights may be placed as reading lamps over or beside desks, sofas, reading chairs, beds, kitchens and work areas.

You can highlight cabins with traditional, authentic, handmade lamps mounted on a white ash hardwood base. Three-way switches let you choose from 50, 100 or 150 watts of soft, mellow light. Gold cords and felt pads add the old world look and charm. You may even build a good-looking log cabin lamp that is quite simple to do. Just buy a commercially made lamp that allows you the freedom to create a truly original lamp.

When you buy readymade lamps, get lamp fixtures that go best with your décor adding to the authenticity of your log home. Browse select collections online to see which style is right for you. Choose stylish table lamps to help accent your other decor items. With style and elegance several rustic lamps will illuminate your home while creating that comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.
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