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Convenient Cabin Compost Toilets

Composting toilets are the most economical and convenient addition that you can make for your log cabin. They offer the best solution to process toilet wastes when you cannot connect to a sewer or septic system. Proven as a viable sanitation solution, they have long been used in remote hunting cabins and are considered environmentally effective.

These toilets use little or no water at all and come in a selection of power choices, including non-electric, 12VDC battery and 120VAC electric. But be sure to choose a system that will handle your family and your guests as cabins often have extra visitors. Be prepared to handle them all.

Educate guests on how to use the system, or importantly how not to use the system. Put an instruction sheet up on the bathroom wall telling visitors how to treat your composting toilet system. Teach people using cabin compost toilets not to throw in cigarette butts or garbage. This is especially important if you rent out your cottage or cabin.

Check local regulations when installing compost toilets particularly regarding drainage. There are rules in place to ensure drainage is a certain distance from any water resource. Composting toilets are good for the environment as they conserve water and avoid pollutants being dispersed into waterways. Plus they enrich the soil.

A composting toilet that is properly maintained does not smell. Decomposition in the holding tank is achieved by biochemical interaction. Always check with the local authorities prior to setting up compost toilets on location to see if there are any permits or requirements.
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