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If you are looking for the best lighting, art and furnishing that are made from the naturally shed antlers, Antler Art Inc. is one of the good providers for all the lighting fixtures that you will need in your rustic mountain cabin. They provide the perfect light fixtures or fan for rustic room with one of their finely made Antlers products. Antler comes from magnificent animals that produce them and shed their antlers every spring and re grow them in just a few months and these antlers are hand collected by outdoor enthusiasts across North America and Europe.

They are varieties of antlers that they used for their light fixtures, it includes the Mule deer, Whitetail deer, Elk, Moose, European red stag and Follow deer. They see to it that no animals are harm to obtain these antlers. The company promise to do their best to satisfies their customer, they are founded in Western Colorado almost twenty years ago.

Through the hearts, minds and hands of their artist, countless hours are spent in selecting and matching antlers to make every piece become a work of art because every details are important and they offer all this things to their customers because creating a quality products is very important to Antler Art Inc., they are willing to do anything within their power to make their customers happy.
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