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Easy Do it Yourself Log Cabin Kit

Building your own cabin kits can save you time and money and will give you the best quality. In Kit Guy the most complete kit and project marketplace in the web today. They offer a variety of well designed structures that you can easily build for your own private hideaway in the woods or by the lake or even on your own backyard. Most cabin kits can creates structures 1000 sq. ft. or less but they are not talking about big houses here but it’s a great hunting cabins or a delightful family cabins that you can build quickly with traditional hand and power tools then you can just customize with porches, decks, lofts and more.

You can choose from cedar or log construction but most are traditional 2x4 and 2x6 frame construction that meets building, zoning and association codes. Many of them feature a post and beam roof system for vaulted or cathedral ceilings. There is also one design that enables you to expand the cabin into a year round home, adding modules over time. Truly, when you build from a kit you can save money and customize the structure to precisely meet your needs. You can also save on labor and material costs with minimal waste.

Most of this do it yourself log cabin kits already include pre-cut wall and flooring system with pre hung doors and windows. The packages come ready to nail together with panels and components clearly marked plus instructions for easy assembly. Some of these packages also include the nails, joist hangers, beam hangers, frame anchors, glues and caulking materials required. The plans are fully detailed for permit and construction needs. The tools you needed for this kit are traditional and power hand tools so you will a power source nearby the site. You will also need some expertise and proficiency in shed or home construction. Planning for the site and foundation also requires some special skills but most kit manufacturers can easily help you in these areas.
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