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Log Cabin Siding & Prices

Log cabin siding is an inexpensive way of achieving the rustic look of log homes. As the whole logs are not used the siding is less costly as compared to logs. You can not tell from the outer appearance whether it is house of whole logs or a log cabin siding. The log-tail corners gives an authentic appearance to the house. Log-tails can be used vertically as well as horizontally to complete the design.

Our product is unique one for it saves you installation time and material waste as they are engineered and designed for easy installation . Our product is inspected and checked thoroughly for defects and when found are removed to give you best quality log siding. Log sidings are available in Pine or Cedar and in a smooth or hand-peeled look known as Vinyl siding for that authentic look.

Cedar Siding: The uniqueness of Cedar lies in its compatibility with any architectural designs, be it ancient or contemporary. Western Red Cedar is best trusted by artisans and builders for its natural beauty and durability. Colors ranging from mellow amber's,reddish Cinnamon's and rich sienna browns are only found in unfinished cedar. Cedar sidings gives best acoustic insulation properties with ceiling insulation needed to quieten rooms. The unique natural Cedar gives it the properties of moisture resist, decay free, insect resistant to preserve wood for long. Cedar can be used to enhance the beauty of your homes with siding, decking, molding, windows, doors, posts, beams,paneling,outdoor projects, interiors and saunas.

Log cabin Vinyl Siding: Vinyl siding gives the log look to your home without the use of wooden logs. Vinyl siding offers all advantages of log siding without the maintenance chores of real wood. Usually vinyl siding comes with a lifetime warranty, does not fade, is impervious to wood boring insects and does not rot.
If newly constructed house uses vinyl siding it works best for remodelling. To avoid the damage caused by extreme weather and mishaps vinyl siding is the most preferred option.

Log siding prices: Log siding are available in different sizes and the prices vary accordingly. Shaped logs are available in single tongue or groove and double tongue or groove profile.
Price specifications are as below:

    * Standard or Regular Stack height [ 5-1/2" x 7-3/4" width ]
    * High Stack height [ 7-1/4" x 5-3/4" width ]
    * Siding to match standard stack [ 2" x 6" ]
    * Siding to match high stack [ 2" x 8" ]

For perfect estimates contact us with Specific Products, Dimensions/Quantities, Shipping Address, and any other relevant info about your project.

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