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Attractive & Affordable Log Sidings

Log home look very attractive and quality log siding adds a rustic appearance and also very affordable. You may choose to change the exterior of your home by starting with the Log siding on a new structure. You will always have that attractive Log look whether you decide to choose the Cedar or Pine Log siding. These log siding is design with tongue and groove edges because this features will make the installation easy and conserves material a Zero wastes product.

It is also an end matched, by using the end matched paneling and siding, you do not need to stop on a stud and the only measuring necessary is when you get into the last piece in a row. It will result to 10-15% labor savings and have a very little waste. These log sidings on the exterior of your cabin lends the look of traditional or stick built structure. These Log Sidings is made from wood logs, which has a timeless beauty and comes in many colors and textures.

It is made from pine, cypress, redwood and cedar logs; that is treated, dried and cut before they used it for siding. It is also expensive because it needs more maintenance than other types of siding like vinyl, stucco or aluminum. One of the essential in log siding is regular treatment against insect infestation for the long durability of the cabin.
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