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Log Home & Cabin Restoration

Like every thing your log homes too need a doctor at times, so feel free to call on us for log home restoration. We have specialized in restoration and repairs of damaged log homes and cabins. After the extensive process your log home will revive its original splendour and its structural integrity. The logs that need replacement can be replaced using the same method that of the original building. You find the results amazing and within your affordable budgets too.

Structural damage robs the beauty of your log home or cabin, but if restored on time it can save a lot of original look of the building.
Do you find insect or rotting problems? Does your log home or cabin needs chinking, caulking, sealing then use our expert advice and see the difference..
If you find rotting use a hammer to tap the upper logs and look for logs near the windows as they are the first to show the signs of rotting. log ends a re good spots to show log rot, especially if they stick out of the overhangs of the house.
Log Home and cabins repair services offered by us include:

    * Log Repair/ restoration
    * Log Home Repair / maintenance / Replacement
    * Do It Yourself observation to know the damage if any
    * Redesigning foundation and Half Log Siding
    * Log Home and cabin inspection by experts in the field.

Contact us for any query regarding your log homes and cabins on our on line services.
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