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Log Home Builders in Texas - Timeless Traditional Log Structures

Probably the first house built in Central Texas was a log cabin that soon graduated to a log house made of 'dressed' logs. Usually this kind of structure was built as a 'dogtrot' or 'saddlebags' well known as the 'Texas house.' It had two rooms with a 'breezeway' between them. Doors from both rooms would open onto the dogtrot.

One room was a kitchen and in early Texas the fireplace used for cooking, also provided heat making it the 'family room'. The other was the living quarters of the man of the house and his mate. The ceiling extending over to the dogtrot with a loft above it became the bedroom for other inmates.

The roof was nearly always shingled from hickory. The front and back of the house had wide, veranda-like porches. Since long now Texas has been well known for its log homes that are particularly distinguished for their affordable pricing and quality.

Rediscover timeless American traditions for best options in log structures offering flexibility with assured satisfaction. These unique structures combine economy of maintenance and utilities with natural rustic beauty. Choose designs on offer from top Texas log home builders.
  • Lone Star Log Home - offers complete services from planning, designing to construction. Browse photographs and information on www.longstarloghome.com
  • Hayley Builders, Inc - build custom log homes in Texas offering ground to finish service. Fir/Red Cedar hand peeled stress-cut logs are used. Visit www.hayleybuilders.com
  • Satterwhite Log Homes - has a show room in Longview, TX with 3 US locations. They only use logs from standing dead trees getting minimum shrinkage and dry material. Window-shop online at www.slh.net
  • Fuller Log Homes – located in Granbury, TX provide shell constructed homes and log home kits delivered across the US. Get original, unique, energy-efficient log homes at lowest costs. 
  • Crooked Tree of Texas – offers a full range of homes from small weekend cabins to large homes specifically designed for ranches in Log or Cedar from turnkey to shells.
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