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Modular Log Cabin

Modular log homes are homes constructed off site in climate controlled environment where they are not exposed to the elements using a highly engineered method to construct modular units which are then assemble to the desired site.

These modular units are set by a crane and then dried in to protect them from the elements in one day. This method that they used in building modular homes is much faster and efficient than that of building on site. When building on site they have to allow extra time for delays due to weather, material shortages and many unforeseen factors unlike in modular homes, it eliminates many of these slowdowns and creates more efficiency in building process.

The cost of building a homes using a modular logs is significantly less than a similar homes built by traditional building methods. The customer also has the options to customize the design of their modular homes by modifying one of the designs offered by the manufactures. The design has to be a modular friendly. With a modular log cabin, you can have the charming look of a rustic log cabin without the traditional log cabin hassles and construction.

Through this design you can reclaim your vacation, recapture time and reconnect with your family and friend by acquiring an affordable modular log homes, either as a retreat lakeside, a family vacation home or just a weekend cottage or guest house.
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