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Log Cabin Quilts Design

The Log Cabin Quilts design is design to remind us the logs used to build the cabin in early America and the ways that they are tightly connected vertically and horizontally to each other. This design was and still a popular one and you may see many log cabin quilts in homes and exhibits. One of the oldest quilts in Quilts of Alaska exhibit is the log cabin design.

The log cabin quilt designs were made in the United State early 1860’s by Charles Waring and her daughter Jeannete de Gruyter. This design is often studies in contrasts and can present wonderful dimensional illusions, the dark and light strips of the logs are typically sewn to form a positive and negative diagonal halves of the blocks. Waring and deGruyter quilt is made of wool and because of the colors of the fabric chosen looks like you are looking at the ends of logs stacked neatly in a pile.

The design represents the hand hewn log cabin and was believed to convey conceptually the spirit and perseverance American pioneers. Log cabin quilts pattern has been a long standing favorite over the years because of its simplicity of the design as well as its versatility.

In some of the old designs of the quilts the square was red which symbolizes the heart of the home. And though the quilt was a favorite for years because it was a wonderful pattern for using up scraps of fabrics, quilters today for most part of the plan their log cabin quilts with great care and purchase the fabric specifically for the quilt.
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