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Popular Log Cabin Sidings

Glu-Lam-Log is one of the manufacturers of laminated logs that can be used in cabin sidings. The log cabin siding and the log corners are becoming popular these days because it can be used to match or complement the existing log buildings or it can provide an economical method for giving a log look to framed a structures. It can be also used for remodeling existing homes and is often used to totally transform the appearance of mobile homes and manufactured homes.

The Standard siding is the most economical siding that they offer. This type of siding is the same siding that they used to match the exterior profiles of most of their laminated and traditional milled logs. It is milled from 2x material; it can be used as a direct substitute or replacement for conventional siding materials. Standard siding is great for giving a log cabin look for framed structures. Standard siding is commonly used in remodeling jobs to completely transform the appearance of mobile homes, double wide and prefabricated houses.

All of their standard siding is design to maximize the roundness of the profile and features a drip lip to shed moisture. Having a log siding is one of the effective way to make your home look like a true log home, in any home, in any size, any style and any where can be constructed or remodeled to look just like a log structure.
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