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Important Log Cabin Tools
Log cabin could be built with minimum of tools and some pioneer homes were built only with an axe and because log cabins have to be built quickly an American axe was developed. This axe has a short, broad blade that result with a perfect balance that could be swung easily for hours with little effort.

You can achieve the old world craftsmanship with today’s most advanced tenon cutting technology. It is whether you make log furniture a hobby or by profession, chances are you value tools that will help you achieve precise results while saving time and money. The Lumber Jack tools dual blade tenon cutters are a breakthrough in cutter technology resulting in the highest level of performance and value.

The industrial and pro styles series features a self centering design which produces perfectly shaped tenons. Its’ dual blades cut twice as fast as ordinary tenon cutters and it generates less heat for a long lasting service. Its’ body is a CNC machined from solid 6061 aircraft aluminum for maximum strength with minimum weight. Its’ blades are made of hardened steel and the 1/2'’ steel shank is threaded for easy replacement. The patent pending in-sight measurement system slots and radial groves of 1/2”intervals let you see and measure tenon length during cutting. Log cabins were inventions of necessity and not by choice because these log cabins are energy efficient, warm in winter and cold in summer this is why it remained popular even as the young nation expanded westward.
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